Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cafe Beignet (New Orleans, LA)

334 B Royal Street, New Orleans, LA, T: 504-524-5530

Café Beignet is a cute little café in the heart of the French Quarter serving coffee, sandwiches, and… beignets. Even out of season the place was packed with tourists.

I ordered a double espresso ($2.99) and a portion of beignets ($2.99). The espresso was bitter but not very strong. The beignets, which come in one portion of three, were very thick and covered with powder sugar. While fresh and still warm, the powder sugar was hardly absorbed by the doughy and largely tasteless beignets. The only good thing of them was that they made me appreciate the beignets of Café du Monde even more.

VERDICT: 56/100

While the beignets are much bigger than at Café du Monde, they have none of the flavor. Clearly not the place to eat beignets in New Orleans.

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  1. Thank you very much for the information!
    I was planning to visit Cafe Beignet but now I guess I will stop by somewhere else. I'm a big fan of good coffee and I was counting on espresso to be at its best at this place.