Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bosna-Mak (Louisville, KY)

3825 Bardstown Rd, Ste 108, Louisville, KY 40218, T: 502-456-1919

Bosna-Mak is a Bosnian "deli and international food store" on the outskirts of Louisville. The store is almost stereotypical East European, i.e. full of empty shelves. The only things they seem to sell is some powder soups and various types of pickled vegetables from the old country.

The restaurant is in the store and lacks any hint of atmosphere. The menu features some classics from the Austria-Hungarian empire, rather than classic Balkan food; for example, it has neither cevapcici nor pleskavica. :-( We start with the goulash soup ($3.50), which is a bit watery and tastes more like a (decent) beef soup. I order a large classic gyro sandwich, which is a bit like a Turkish doner kebab-it comes on nice bread, not too dense and not too airy (baked in the bakery next door), strong seasoned meat and good garlic sauce. M. has a small chicken gyro sandwich ($3.99), which has the same bread and sauce and juicy chunks of chicken.

VERDICT: 80/100
This would be fairly mediocre food in Bosnia, but it is quite good doner kebab in the US. The prices are very reasonable, but it comes at the price of decorum.

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