Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mr. Gyros (Indianapolis, IN)

5358 West 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46254, T: 317-388-9788

According to various online reviews, Mr. Gyros serves the best gyros in Indianapolis. To be fair, most reviewers note that Indy is not a city of gyros or shawarma, but they nevertheless praise the gyros at this unappealing place at a busy street. It serves a broad range of fast food, from greasy American to greasy Greek.

I order the Gyros Value Meal ($6.98), which includes a gyros sandwich, a generous portion of fries, and a soda. The fries are crispy, but fairly tasteless. The gyros is standard American fare: relatively thin slices of salty fat meat (provided by Kronos) on a fat thick Greek pita with tomato, (too much) onion, and well-spiced tzatziki.

VERDICT: 72/100
Many people say this is the best gyros in town, and sadly they might even be right. While they provide much food for little money, it is standard and fat fare.

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