Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Johnny's Po-Boys (New Orleans, LA)

511 Saint Louis Street, New Orleans, LA, T: 504-525-8037

Johnny's P0-Boys is a real grease hut in the French Quarter, which serves a broad variety of po-boys, the quintessential New Orleans sandwich. As several other restaurants in the city, they claim to serve "New Orleans finest po-boys." The fact that they have been around since 1950 might be an indication that they are right.

I decided to visit Johnny's for breakfast, and although I was tempted by the greasy smell and delicious sights of greasy fried fish po-boys, I decided to stay light and get a bacon and egg po-boy. As I skipped the lettuce, tomato, may and pickle, the sandwich looked fairly light - while the price was rather heavy ($7.63). It would have been a basic bacon and egg sandwich, if it weren't for the excellent (airy) French bread.

VERDICT: 82/100
Johnny's Po-Boys is a real pig out spot, where you can get a broad range of greasy po-boys on excellent French bread. My sandwich was good, but clearly overpriced. However, I would definitely come back to try a more hearty one.

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  1. The sandwich looks delicious, I love French bread by the way. The price is really high but it's okay for a since try. I would definitely order one if I'm in the area.