Thursday, March 29, 2012

Zaytun Mediterranean Grill (Louisville, KY)

2286 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205, T: 503-365-1788

Zaytun is a small restaurant in the fun Highland area of Louisville, known for its many bars and restaurants. It serves Middle Eastern dishes, most notably several varieties of humus and gyros. The selling point is the build-your-own gyros, which features a long list of toppings.

We start with the Egyptian humus ($5), which is low fat, but has great consistency and is very tasty-like all humus, it comes with thin tasty and toasty "pita crunchers." I then have the Classic Gyros ($7.50), which looks amazing, but tastes quite bland. The lamb/beef is shaved so thin that it can hardly compete with the heavy, seemingly mayo-based, tzatziki. M. chooses Zaytun's Dream Dish ($9.50), which is a sampler of baba ganoush, Phoenecian or Egyptian humus (we choose the first), falafel, and tzatziki-she adds the grilled chicken for an additional $2. The bab ganoush is smokey, the humus nice and spicy, and the three big and round falafels dense but not dry with a good taste. The grilled chicken is dry and has an odd taste.

VERDICT: 80/100
Zaytun has decent Mediterranean food, but it is a bit hit and miss. The humus and falafel are the best, but the staple gyros is disappointing.

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