Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some of This, Some of That (Indianapolis, IN)

This food cart moves around; its location can be followed on its Facebook page.

Some of This, Some of That (or SOTSOT) is one of the new food carts that have recently emerged in Indianapolis. It moves around the city, and tends to situate itself close to office buildings, as the owner makes most of his money on catering and uses the cart to get gigs. SOTSOT offer creole and cajun dishes, notably po-boys.

When we arrive on a regular weekday afternoon, virtually everyone ignores SOTSOT and the cupcakes cart next to it. I guess food carts are still something to get used to in the city. I order a Catfish Po-Boy ($9), which is freshly prepared in the cart. As we wait, the owner gives us a (generous) sample of his jambalaya, which is absolutely delicious. The po-boy is huge and features not just a fresh catfish fillet, which is lightly battered and spiced, but crispy lettuce and tomato, a delicious homemade creole mustard, all on a fresh piece of excellent baguette. It is a struggle to eat, and my hands and mouth are covered with sauce, but damn is it tasty!

VERDICT: 90/100
SOTSOT is a fantastic food cart with a great owner, who deserves more business for both his cart and catering. The food is amazing, but the price is a bit (too) high.

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  1. The spot itself looks very creative, the first photo attracted my attention, so I began reading I quite like the review, and the food looks very nice and nutritious... maybe I will drop in some time.