Thursday, March 29, 2012

Emmy's Original Pancake House & Grill (Avon, IN)

7508 Beechwood, Center Suite 300, Avon, IN 46123, T: 317-272-7200

Situated in what must be a former Chinese restaurant in one of the many strip malls along the US-36 in Avon, Emmy's doesn't look like a classic diner, but it is. It has a huge menu, including the obligatory Greek food (i.e. gyros). It specializes in breakfast, however. I had come across some good reviews of the place, but was skeptical after trying some other highly recommended places in the area.

I ordered the Big Boy's Plater ($7.49): the three eggs were perfectly prepared (medium over), the bacon was crispy, and the sausages had a nice taste. I had substituted the hash browns for wheat toast, which was basic but thick, and had chosen the banana pecan nut pancakes, which were thick and fluffy and not too dry. M ordered the Vegetable Omelette ($6.99) and added regular pancakes for a small additional fee. Both were much appreciated.

VERDICT: 85/100
Emmy's is a great old-school diner in a Chinese restaurant/game hall setting. It offers big portions of good quality breakfasts at very acceptable prices.


  1. These photos over here are stunning. Your blog is the most delicious one I have ever followed! Any other post is better than the previous one! thank you very much for inserting the photos, they are amazing!

  2. Wow... delicious food, It sounds Emmy's do a great breakfast there, i am looking forwards to go there to have a taste. lol...

  3. Nice food pictures you show. I love them.

  4. on! Emily's moved into a location that was Star Walk, Chinese/Asian. They had great food but closed and I don't know why.