Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cafe du Monde (New Orleans, LA)

800 Decatur Street, New Orleans, La, 70116, T: 504-525-4544

Cafe du Monde is an American institution. It only serves coffee and beignets, yet has various branches throughout New Orleans and you can buy their coffee and beignet mix in delicatessen shops across the US and abroad. I visited the big restaurant in the French Quarter.

We ordered a portion of beignets ($2.42) and a Cafe au Lait ($2.42), the two staples of Cafe du Monde. The beignets were fresh and very tasty; surprisingly they are empty within, which actually give them more taste. The Cafe au Lait was smooth and creamy, but not too milky. Delicious!

VERDICT: 90/100
To be honest, I liked it a lot when I was there, but I really appreciated it after having the same at another place. Cafe du Monde does only a few things, but it does them well. Not the best beignets I ever had, but definitely the best I had in the US.

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