Tuesday, January 24, 2012

9th Street Grill (Mount Vernon, IL)

222 South 9th Street Grill, Mount Vernon, IL 62864, T: 618-244-1190

9th Street Grill is a relative upscale restaurant in downtown Mount Vernon, which seems a popular place for the business lunch crowd. To be clear, this is much more a slow food than a fast food place. For example, the only burgers it serves, are bison burgers (no beef!).

My wife ordered a soup and salad, which were both delicious and fresh, and came with an amazing little blueberry muffin. I ordered Daisy's Plain Burger ($9): 1/2lb bison pattie, lettuce, tomato, onion and dyonaisse on a homemade focaccia-like bun. The pattie is thick and juicy, and perfectly grilled. It has a good taste and texture. The bun adds to the taste, as does the dyonnaise (which could be overpowering though).

VERDICT: 88/100
This is definitely not a traditional pig out spot! Hoowever, it is a great spot to get a lean and tasty bison burger, while your more healthy friends get a delicious salad.

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  1. looks nice cozy and cheap!
    like like the sweet little things hanging over the counter in the picture #2