Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bailey's Jury Room (Danville, IN)

20 W Main Street, Danville, IN 46122, T: 317-745-6424

I had read about Bailey's Jury Room online. Allegedly, they have the best tenderloin sandwiches in Indiana. Now, obviously, that claim has been made before, but the reviews were so positive that I thought that if they wouldn't be the best in Indiana, they would at least be very good. Unfortunately, the reviews had not told me about the fact that the Jury Room allows smoking... and when we were there, it seemed everyone was smoking, half of them thick cigars.

We started with chicken tenders, or as the menu introduces them: "Hearty Chicken Strips -- (4) lg breaded chicken strips that will melt in your mouth." They were indeed chunky and juicy, and if it weren't for Bourbon Street, I would say they are the best in the state. We then ordered a grilled tenderloin and a breaded tenderloin sandwich, one with chips and one with fries. The fries were somewhat disappointing, but both tenderloin sandwiches were very tasty -- they again didn't beat Bourbon Street, but they came close.

VERDICT: 85/100
Bailey's Jury Room offers really good bar food, but does so in an extremely smoky environment (hence an 85 rather than a 90). If you don't mind the smoke, do go and visit them. They have a large menu, but I suggest the chicken tenders and breaded tenderloin. If you do, I would advice against eating there.

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