Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A&R Bar-Be-Que (Memphis, TN)

1802 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN, T: 901-774-7444

A&R Bar-Be-Que is one of a small group of bbq joints in Memphis that are truly in contention for the title of "best bbq in the city." It currently has three locations, but we went to the original one. It is not much of a looker, but it definitely felt authentic.

The menu is traditional Southern bbq, but with a lot of options (including various homemade desserts). We decided to share a Rib Plate ($11.50), which included a full slab of ribs and two sides (we chose slaw and seasoned fries +$.50). The ribs were meaty and smoky, but still came off the bone easily, and were smothered in their sweet and tangy mild sauce. We also got a Jumbo Pork ($5.79), which included a heap of juicy and tender pulled pork and slaw, drenched in bbq sauce, on a big soft bun. Delicious. As were the zesty seasoned fries.

Deluded by the delicious tastes, we went for second. We ordered a Rib Tips Sandwich Combo ($10.49), which includes two sides (we chose slaw and baked beans). The tips had some bones in it, but were even softer and tastier than the ribs. Very smoky! The slaw is quite light and has a fresh, almost fruity taste. The beans, finally, are drenched in a smoky, sweet sauce with tiny pieces of pork. Tastes like the delicious mild bbq sauce.

VERDICT: 93/100
This is the real deal! A must stop for anyone into Southern bbq visiting Memphis!

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