Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bourbon Street Distillery (Indianapolis, Indiana)

361 Indiana Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204, T: 317-636-3316

Bourbon Street Distillery is one of my favorite eateries in Indy. It is a crossover between a sports bar and a low-key American restaurant. The Distillery doesn't 'distill' anything, but they do seem to have their own bbq oven. To be honest, some of their food is so good that I always eat the same.

There is only one starter that I ever had at Bourbon Street, and that is the chicken tenders ($6.95). Although the size and weight at times differ, there always are six tenders, freshly breaded and perfectly grilled. The batter is fairly light, between classic American breading and Japanese tempura, while the honey mustard sauce is thick and absolutely delicious.

One of the problems I have is that the chicken tenders are too delicious to withstand, but too big too eat alone and still have space for the entree. Normally, I share them with my wife, and then go for the Cajun Burger ($7.95), minus the cheese, which comes with a spicy rub and mushrooms - I always add their sweet-spicy BBQ sauce. Bourbon Street is one of the few places that actually charbroils its burgers exactly as you order, so medium is really medium (hence, I prefer medium-well, which is the normal medium). The burger comes on a soft bun and the patty is big and juicy, the rub makes it salty and spicy, while is both enhanced and perfectly balanced by the sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. The fries are not handmade, but perfectly deep fried and very tasty. Finally, it comes with a small cup of coleslaw, which is light and not too mayo-based: excellent.

VERDICT: 99/100
Bourbon Street takes pub grub to the extreme! They have hands-down the best chicken tenders in the world and one of the best burgers in the country. Shame the place is often filled with groups of very loud suits and it is filled with smoke.

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