Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bob's Burger (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

At a mall in Rio de Janeiro, but they have 610 restaurants throughout Brazil.

Bob's Burger is the first fast food in Brazil with 610 restaurants in all states of Rio and a couple in Portugal, Chile and Angola. They clearly try to knock-off McDonalds, which incidentally also has many restaurants in Brazil.

I got the Big Bob meal for R$15.25 (or $9.15), but substituted the soda for a chocolate shake (at extra cost). The Big Bob is their Big Mac rip-off, but tasted gross (I even doubt it was pure meat); despite that it was freshly made (without cheese). The fries were cold and saggy, while the shake was far too sweet.

VERDICT: 36/100
Bob's Burger is well below McDonalds. Nuff Said!


  1. You should try "Bob's Crispy". It's amazing.

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