Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SP Burger (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

At Section B of Terminal 1 of Guarulhos International Airport, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

SP Burger looks like an American-style fast food chain, but the only one I found was at the international airport. It has the usual choice of hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, and shakes.

I got the Combo Cheddar Bacon (without cheddar) for a measly R$21.90 ($13.15)-beat that Geneva! The burger comes on a brown bun and has a thick but very salty patty (not pure beef) and a sad piece of bacon. There is no sauce on it, but you can get ketchup, mayo or mustard. The McDonalds-type fries were undercooked.

VERDICT: 44/100
I would say that SP Burger is better than Bob's Burger, but that is as far as I would go. Next time I want fast food in Brazil, I will probably go to McDonalds. Nuff Said!


  1. Hey, I was reading your last few posts. Ya know you need to try the salgados (i.e. the fried, bread-crumbed or pastried selections containing ham, cheese or chicken) to really appreciate the fast-food of Brazil. The burgers and fries are always going to be a pale imitation of those you get in America unfortunately!

  2. Hello, I would say you are probably right when the subject is malls or airports fast food chains in Brazil. But I'm sure as well that in São Paulo you might have a pleasant burger experience eating in some of these places in Tatuapé borough: Burgger's - www.burgguers.com.br/ or Central Classic Burguer - http://www.centralburger.com.br/
    In some specific malls in São Paulo you can try the America chain - http://www.americaburger.com.br/
    But of course all of this is not a picture of brazilian fast food. Bye!

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