Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ka-We Imbiss (Berlin, Germany)

Wittenbergplatz 1, 10789 Berlin, Germany

Ka-We Imbiss is a typical German-style snackbar (Imbiss) situated at the square in front of the famous department store Kaufhaus des Westen (KaDeWe). It mainly serves sausages, either with a roll or with fries, and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). There are a couple of high tables in front of it; no indoor seating! I ordered the main dish, Currywurst mit Pommes, which cost 3.90 Euro plus 0.30 for the mayo. The sausage was knackig (crispy), but not really a Bratwurst; the sauce was good (warm, spicy, and tasty). The fries had little taste, while the mayo had no taste at all.

VERDICT: 72/100
Ka-We Imbiss is a dime a dozen in Berlin and seems to survive mainly because of its location. While there are places in Berlin where you can get worse Currywurst, there are many places where you can do better!

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