Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wall Drug (Wall, SD)

510 Main Street, Wall, South Dakota, T: 605-279-2175.

The Wall Drug Store is a roadside phenomenon, mostly famous for its endless amount of signs along the I-90. The whole story of this weird place, you can read here. M. and I stopped here on our move from Oregon to Indiana, in dire need of some food and entertainment.

We both went for buffalo burgers, the local delicacy, which together with fries set us back $8.95 each -- not too bad in such a touristic place. Unfortunately, I had not gone for the "deluxe" (+ $.55), and thus did not get the slice of tomato and onion. We also got two donuts (at $1.10 each), one vanilla glazed and one maple glazed (baked on the premises). The buffalo burgers were much leaner than beef burgers, yet very tasty. The fries were pretty decent too. I loved my maple glazed donut; it was thick, crispy, and very tasty.

VERDICT: 76/100
As far as tourist traps go, the Wall Drug is definitely worth a visit -- both to see the various crazy sites and have a buffalo burger and donut. It is overpriced, for sure, but the food is definitely tastier than at most regular places (let alone other tourist traps)!

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