Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Slow Bar (Portland, OR)

533 SE Grand Avenue, Portland, OR 97214, T: 503-230-7767

Having only a couple of weeks left in Oregon, I consulted the internet to find out who makes the best burgers in Portland. One of the obvious sources was Portland Hamburgers, a great blog, but unfortunately not easy to navigate in my search to find the best burger. In the end, reading various recommendations, I went for the Slow Bar, which itself also claims to be "The Home of the Best Burger in Portland".

In sharp contrast to the dodgy outside, the inside of the Slow Bar is quite trendy. It also features a surprisingly culinary menu. I decided to go for the Spring Slowburger ($9.50): a 1/2lb burger, speck Alto Adige, sweet red pepper relish and butter lettuce and fries. The fries were absolutely awesome; best fries I had in the US (so far). They were made of real potato in the skin, fried perfectly crispy (tip: eat them first). Although the burger itself was thick and juicy (and really cooked medium), it was too gourmet for me. I should have gone for the regular Slowburger (no speck, but with onion ring).

VERDICT: 78/100
The Slow Bar is an odd place, combining trendy and dodgy. Its hand-cut fries are definitely worth the visit ($4.50 for a basket). I would also go for a burger, but then the regular Slowburger!

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