Thursday, June 18, 2009

Slick's Que Co. (Sisters, OR)

240 E Cascade, Sisters, Oregon 97759, T: 541-719-0580

Sisters is a quaint little 'western' town in the Cascade mountains in Oregon, mostly known for its annual rodeo, "the biggest little show in the world". Last month a new restaurant opened, Slick's Que Co., which bills itself as an "authentic pit bar-b-que".

M.G. had a pulled pork sandwich ($5.50), while I went for ribs... unfortunately, they don't do ribs on Sunday, so I went with a burnt ends sandwich instead ($6.50). Both came with a side (we both chose coleslaw). The pulled pork sandwich was absolutely fantastic! The pork was so tender, you could almost suck it up. The burnt ends were less tender, but this was largely compensated by the fact that they were drenched in delicious bbq sauce. The coleslaw, finally, was very crunchy and tasty, yet remarkably light.

VERDICT: 90/100
While M. and I disagreed on how good the pulled pork sandwich was, i.e. better than Fat Matt's in Atlanta or not, there is no doubt that Slick Que's pulled pork is among the best I have ever eaten. The burnt end sandwich was not as exquisite, but tasty nonetheless. I would probably have given them an even higher grade if I would have also been able to taste their ribs.


  1. I came across your blog while looking for a BBQ place in Central Oregon. Thanks for the tip! I went to Slick's and it was awesome. Too bad you missed the ribs I went on Friday night for the baby backs and Saturday for the beef ribs, they were to die for. Their hand washing station is so cool! Thanks for all the bloggin! You should be on the food channel!

  2. I ate here last night. Pulled pork was okay, but some was a little dry and hard. Portion size for the meat was a bit on the small side, the portion of coleslaw or potato salad was extremely small or the price needs to be reduced. We almost said "forget it" when we saw the portion sizes for the price. but we were in a hurry and the speed of getting served was quick!