Monday, June 1, 2009

Addi's Diner (Springfield, OR)

207 S A St, Springfield, OR 97477-5330, T: 541-747-9482

Addi's is a truly old-school diner in the heart of Springfield, Oregon, where the locals get their breakfasts and lunches. In fact, as I entered it on Saturday at 10 AM, some guys were already at their first (?) burger. I stayed traditional, however.

While not giving up on my favorite bacon and egss, I also had to try the "hotcake", their pizza-size pancake. The eggs were very tasty, the bacon could have been crispier, while the toast was standard but thick. The "hotcake" was huge, but tasted fairly dry. At $8.50, all together, it was definitely affordable for the quality and quantity.

VERDICT: 77/100
While definitely not the best diner in the Eugene/Springfield area, which is the Glenwood, Addi's is definitely worth a visit for the hotcakes and the ambiance.

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