Monday, June 1, 2009

Red Robin Gourmet Burger (chain)

1221 Executive Pkwy, Eugene, OR 97401, T: 541-484-9588

Red Robin is a chain in the category of TGI Friday or Ruby Tuesday, although it has a more limited menu. According to the website, the menu varies by location, although so far I haven't noticed this (then again, I have only been in OR and WA), but all specialize in "gourmet burgers" and "bottomless steak fries".

This time I went for the Santa Fe burger, which combines a juicy burger, fire-roasted Poblano pepper, guacamole, sautéed onions, crisp tortilla strips, lettuce, all on an onion bun with Ancho mayo. It was very tasty, even if it hardly tasted like a classic burger (no dripping juices). My earlier experiences with the 5 Alarm Burger (jalapeños, fresh tangy salsa, Chipotle mayo) and the Blackened Bayou Burger (roasted red peppers, "angry onions," Creole mustard sauce and cabbage-carrot mix on a jalapeño-cornmeal Kaiser roll) had been similarly satisfactory. This time the steak fries were very fresh and tasty, so I got me a second serving. :-)

VERDICT: 80/100
Red Robin is a good place to go if you want a different, non-greasy burger. Virtually all burgers are just under $10 and include bottomless fries. A burger-alternative for real burgers.

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