Tuesday, May 5, 2009

English's Cafe (Thomaston, GA)

119 W Gordon Street, Thomaston, GA 30286, T: 706-647-5525

While driving through rural Georgia, we drove through the small town of Thomaston (pop: 9.500), and found a little gem in the town center: English's Cafe. The place has been around since 1920 and hasn't changed a bit: the center stove had been moved just once, when they put in a vent. Run by a pleasant couple of southern hippies, the Cafe serves honest meals for very reasonable prices. The menu combines fast food items with home-made staples.

Hungry, but not sure whether the food would be very good, we ordered only one small item. M.G. had a very tasty chicken salad sandwich, while I had a chili dog. The chili was home made and fantastic, which made us go for a second round. M. had a bowl of the chili, while I went for Johnny's B.S., which turned out to stand for Brunswick Stew. It was freshly made and absolutely delectable! What a pleasant surprise!

VERDICT: 90/100
This place is just great! If you are ever in the neighborhood, and this means within an hour drive, do stop by. The owners (and the locals) are a riot and their cooking is fantastic!


  1. You missed the best item on the menu! The scrambled burgers are to die for! The secret sauce adds a little extra kick. Next time . . . Order the burger!

    1. I been trying for years to recreate that tasty onion gravy they put on those scrambled meat burgers. I haven't gotten there yet but hopeful......Haha. That said when I think about wanting a scramble beef meat burger I go to English's. I am 51 years young and been going there from time to time since my Dad took me there as a little boy.