Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kong Oscar’s Pølse Stand (Bergen, Norway)

Kong Oscars Gate, Bergen, Norway

Norway is not well known for its (affordable) food, let alone its snack culture. The country is extremely expensive, not the least in its food (previous times I visited Norway, I pretty much lived off hot dogs at the 7 Eleven). But on my wanders through the pretty city of Bergen, I found a sausage stand with an impressive selection.

I ordered a reindeer sausage, but unfortunately they were just out of them. So, I decided upon a chili dog, which was, as promised, SPICY! To be honest, it was too spicy for comfort. However, intrigued by the reindeer sausage, I made sure to visit the place again a couple days later, and this time they had them. As most sausages it cost a staggering NOK 45 (almost $7!), but it was remarkably tasty.

VERDICT: 70/100
Sure, no sausage is worth $7, well maybe a really fresh Thüringer, but for Norway this is a very good place to have a snack. The choice is amazing and the quality is well above average.


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