Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Burgerville (Portland, OR)

3504 SE 92nd Ave, Portland, OR‎, T: 503-777-7078

Burgerville is a hamburger chain in the Portland metropolitan area with outliers as far as Albany and The Dalles in Oregon, and Centralia in Washington. As one would expect from a Northwestern business, it stands out in its use of organic ingredients and ecologically friendly materials (for example, their straws are made of corn and thus 100% biodegradable, while all plastic is compostable). In addition, they alternate their specials based on the season, using local produce (this time they had two asparagus dishes).

Burgerville has a good selection of burgers, including two different vegetarian patties (according to my fiance M, the Spicy Anasazi Bean Burger is particularly delicious). In addition, they have various chicken and turkey sandwiches, salads, drinks, and deserts. (Incidentally, they also do breakfasts.) Everything stands out because of their freshness.

This time around I ordered a Half Pound Colossal Cheesburger (without cheese) meal with a fresh strawberry shake, while M had a Seasoned Turkey Burger and a side salad. I forgot the price, but it was pretty standard for an upscale fast food joint. As always, the burger was very juicy, but the Burgerville sauce lacks real taste. M's turkey burger was big and well cooked, though not as tasty as the bean burger. The thin fries were undercooked this time; normally they are well cooked, though not very special in taste. The shake indeed had pieces of fresh strawberry in them, but was a bit too creamy (not too sweet though). At another occasion we had the fresh strawberry smoothie, made with non-fat yogurt, which is clearly the better choice (in both taste and calories).

VERDICT: 79/100
The final verdict deserves some more explanation. I think Burgerville is a good fast food chain, although their burgers are not exceptional. That said, Burgerville is the favorite burger chain of M, who is no fast foodie. And that is probably the explanation: Burgerville is a favorite for people who don't really like fast food, because of its fresh ingredients and good (non-fat) sides. For the real pigs among us, it just misses that extra grease!

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