Thursday, May 7, 2009

Off the Waffle (Eugene, OR)

740 Van Buren Street, Eugene, OR 97402, T: 541-606-4348

Just a couple of weeks ago, two guys, oddly enough not from Belgium, decided to open a waffle place in Eugene, Oregon. Off the Waffle sells only Liege-style waffles, the thick and crunchy ones, available in white, whole wheat or vegan whole wheat (if contacted in advance). When we visited, they had three styles: original ($3), Nibtella ($5), and chocolate-banana ($5).

It is beyond me how a place like this could survive; even in Belgium most waffle places sell at least sodas and some other stuff. Off the Waffle only sells waffles and coffee; although it also provides space for book exchanges and barters of any type. Truly a Eugene place! Anyway, back to the waffles: M.G. wasn't too happy with her Niptella, as she was under the impression it was a waffle filled with Nutella; it actually had a weak chocolate taste. My original waffle was pretty good, and I used to live in Antwerp (!), although it did miss the crunchy cubes of sugar.

VERDICT: 83/100
I seriously doubt there are many places outside of Belgium that serve better Liege waflles than Off the Waffle. However, stick with the original, it's cheaper and tastier than the other types.

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