Tuesday, May 26, 2009

K-R Drive-In (Rice Hill, OR)

Exit 148 of the I-5, Rice Hill, Oregon, T: 541-849-2570, E: krdriveinn@hotmail.com

On the I-5, between Eugene and Roseburg, is one of the shabbiest drive-ins I have visited so far. K-R Drive-In seems to be mostly popular for its ice cream (and lack of competition). They have a big selection of ice creams and shakes as well as sandwiches; the fast food selection is rather modest.

I ordered a fairly standard deal: double bacon cheese burger (no cheese, but with BBQ sauce), fries, and a small banana shake. The shocking total was $14.50! Wow, I hear you think, that must have been some burger. Well, it wasn't! The burger was absolutely average, the fries standard, and the shake way too sweet.

VERDICT: 42/100
While the food is average, K-R's prices are far from. In fact, at any restaurant you can get the same for less (including tip and better quality). And believe me, the scenery doesn't add to the experience. In other words, if you are driving the i-5 and get up to exit 148, just keep on driving, I'm sure you can find something better and/or cheaper virtually anywhere.


  1. i worked at the k-r for a year and the food is totally amazing and u dont know how to appreciate a good burger and shake. this place is prob much older than u and very traditional. and the fact that u took the cheese off of a double bacon cheeseburger and added bbq sauce is just nasty.

  2. This place is horrible. I stopped there with hopes of a good burger on a road trip and was highly disappointed. There prices are outrageous and for the trash they give you, There food quality worse than the dump bins at McDonald's. I took my burger back after just tasting the meat and was grunted at and then told to wait. After I told them I didn't want another(why they assume i would I let someone make me garbage and try and feed it to me twice is beyond me?) I was sighed at and walked away from and instead of an apology the 19 year old counter maiden she walked out glared at me as I was getting back in my car and then threw my burger in the trash as hard as her little arms would let her. All in all I'm highly dissapointed and have told the woman in my life that there will be on more random unstoppable urges for cheeseburgers on our next trip... Thanks K&R not only have you know ruined my night but you have put a humongous damper on my next now cheesburgerless road trip but you have reminded us on just how shitty the American drive in has become....

  3. Wow... I think you may want to revisit. I'm not sure if there under new management or not but they have a nice new sign menus and you can get 2 scoops of two different flavors now! My burger didn't look anything like the one in your picture it was thick and juicy and had dressing on it. The fries look the same but I thought were good. The service was really great very nice. As far as there prices were I felt were fair for a non commercial business. Unfortunately they didn't have bathrooms, but they arrange for the gas station to accept there customers while we did, while our food cooked. I hope you get a chance re-evaluate. God Bless You and all your future Pig out spots!

  4. K and R Drive In is such a great place! I cant believe you think such negative things about it! Maybe because this blog is from like 5 years ago , I do not know . Maybe you should go back and try it again because you opinion is really WAY off!

  5. Are you kidding? You don't go there to eat burgers, you go there for the ice cream!! They have Umpqua - which is some of the best ice cream in the U.S. Peppermint, Marionberry, etc. Cones are huge and cheap. They also have the Pigout: 35 scoops. We've been going there for 40 years for ice cream. If you want burgers, hold out until Cottage Grove or Springfield.