Tuesday, May 5, 2009

C & D Drive-In (Boardman, OR)

103 N Main St, Boardman, OR 97818, T: 541-481-4981

At exit 164 of the I-84 is the old-school C&D drive-in, self-acclaimed "Home of the Bozo Burger". Oddly enough, the drive-in is linked to an espresso bar and pizza place. Since it opened, I guess in the 1950s, it changed nothing, except for the prices.

The guy running the place was very puzzled about me taking pictures; he even asked whether I was interested on buying the place :-). Not very hungry, I ordered just a Bozo Burger ($5.50) and a small banana shake ($2.25). The shake was made with real bananas and was creamy and sweet. The Bozo Burger was nothing more than a bacon and cheese burger (which, as always, I had without the cheese), which tasted bland.

VERDICT: 52/100
Although there are not many snack place on the I-84, I would advice you to find another place. If you do want to stop at C&D Drive-In, go for the shake and try something else than the burgers; e.g. the curly fries.

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  1. Went to bozo burger on2/13/13 found mold on the bread. Ew