Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wannaburger (Edinburgh, Scotland)

217 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1PE, Scotland, T: +44-131 225 8770

Over a year ago I returned to Edinburgh, where I lived years ago, and was happy to see a new burger joint on High Street. Wannaburger serves a wide variety of different burgers: 13 meat and 3 vegetarian burgers. In addition, the have salads, shakes (including a peanut butter & banana), deserts, and breakfast.

Wannaburger is an upscale burger joint, which is clean inside and fairly pricey (£5.95-£8.50). However, this is one of the few places in Europe where the burgers are as good as in the US: real grilled beef and fresh vegetables. I went for the priciest, the BBQ Bacon (without cheese), and was amazing! The banana shake (£2.95) was up to the task too!

VERDICT: 89/100
Wannaburger must be one of the best burger joints outside of the US. They make burgers as they should be made: big, fresh, grilled and juicy. They are easily worth the money and Brits can only hope that this will become a chain that ventures far outside of the Edinburgh city limits (where it just opened its second shop in the West End).

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