Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bliss' Hot Rod Grill (Florence, OR)

1179 U.S. Highway 101, Florence, OR, T: 541-997-6726

Bliss' Hot Rod Grill is one of the most notable building in Florence, at the beautiful Oregon coast. Situated at coastal highway 101, the whole outside of the restaurant is filled with parts of old American cars (as well as an original Big Boy). The inside is much the same, and you can actually eat inside a car!

The menu is pretty straightforward old-school diner, covering the usual suspects: salads, sandwiches, burgers, milkshakes, etc. As not uncommon in these places, quantity is put over quality. The portions were huge (see my burger below), but not very tasty. The price is reasonable, but you do notice you are eating at a touristic attraction.

VERDICT: 50/100
Bliss' Hot Rod Grill is more an interesting attraction than a good pig out spot. It's a nice stop to visit on your drive over beautiful US-101, but stick with a creamy shake and get some fish and chips further up the road.

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  1. Oh, BHR Grill is one of my most favorite places ever! The food is tasty, the atmosphere is great and the service is more than good! I recommend this place to everyone.