Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Malik’s Kvarten Bistro (Oslo, Norway)

Kristian IVs gate 1, 0164 Oslo, Norway

Malik’s Kvarten Bistro looks like a former bar that has been transformed into a snack bar/restaurant. It serves burgers, kebabs and much, much more. The burgers come in 100 grams and 200 grams, which is usual in Norway, where beef (and anything else) is extremely expensive.

I get a Bacon Burger of 200 gr (NOK 109 or $13.50) with a Small Fries (NOK 29 or $3.50) and Pepper Sauce ($1.25). The patty is freshly pounded and is the size of a Schnitzel (thin and long). It comes on a big burger bun with lettuce and a kind of 1000 Island sauce. Tasty. It actually doesn't need the spicy pepper sauce I ordered. The fries are thin and prefab, crispy but overseasoned.

VERDICT: 85/100
One of best snackbars in Norway.

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