Tuesday, September 27, 2016

De Clercq (Paris, France)

In front of Stade Jean-Bouiet, Paris, France

De Clercq is a small friterie in Paris that also has a small stand that travels to events. I visit the “kings of fries” (les roys de la frite), as they call themselves, in front of the beautiful Stade Jean-Bouiet, just before a rugby game of Stade Francais. They only serve fries(€4), frikandellen (2x), Mexicanos (both €4) and sodas. We get two “cornettes des Frites” (cones of fries), which are relatively small, particularly for the price, but exceptionally good. While they look more like French Fries, i.e. relatively thin, they taste more like Belgian Fries. What makes it even more special is that they have four sauces for free: mayonnaise, andalouse, samourai, and ketchup.

VERDICT: 92/100
In terms of quality these were some of the best fries I ever had, and the best ever in France, but the price was excessive (for the very small portion).

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