Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bánh Mì (Oslo, Norway)

Olav Vs gate 4, 0161 Oslo, Norway

Bánh Mì is a small shop that only sells Vietnamese sandwiches (Banh Mi) and soft drinks. All come on fresh baguettes with cucumber, carrots, radish, honey roast gammon, chili, and pork liver pate. You have a choice of pork, beef, chicken, tuna, and egg. They also have some (spicy) sauces.

I get the chicken banh mi (NOK 65 or $8). It is a filled sandwich with tasty chicken, fresh cilantro, peanuts, and, most of all, chili peppers (or are they ghost peppers). Although there are only three tiny pieces on the baguette, they have an insane kick! In fact, you already taste them before you start your bite!

VERDICT: 85/100
Perhaps not traditional, i.e. as I’m used to in the US, but these banh mi are very fresh, tasty, and by Oslo standards affordable. But don't underestimate heat!

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