Thursday, September 22, 2016

Burgerbüro (Frankfurt/Oder, Germany)

Grosse Scharrenstrasse 32, 15230 Frankfurt/Oder, Germany

Burgerbüro is a chain of one of the many new burger restaurants that have recently sprung up in Germany and that are a crossover between US fast food and upscale burger places. They serve a range of burgers, mostly with fries and drink, and have currently four locations in the east of Germany.

I get the XXXL Burger (€7.90) as a meal with fries and drink (+€2.90). It is a behemoth of a burger: 600 grams of meat, with a 25cm diagram, thick and far too rubbery and overcooked. Moreover, the bun is enormous and toasted so much that it is dry and directly falls apart. It tastes a bit like a Big Mac, but worse. The fries are big and a bit crispy, but not very tasty.

VERDICT: 65/100
Not good! 

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