Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Eilefs Landhandleri (Oslo, Norway)

Kristian IVs gate 1, 0164 Oslo, Norway

Eilefs Landhandleri is a big restaurant in downtown Oslo that is a crossover of an Irish pub and a German restaurant but with much dark wood and a Norwegian theme (including skis on the ceiling). It is known for its spare ribs and burgers.

I get the Mexburger (NOK 195 or $24), which is a big burger with salsa and chips dumped onto it. Not subtle, but not bad either. It comes with baked potatoes, which are like wedges but from the oven. Snappy but a bit saggy. The small bottle of Coke Zero (NOK 54 or $6.65) hurts the most.

VERDICT: 72/100
Not bad but not subtle either. Very expensive, even for this type of place in Oslo.

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