Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cook ‘n Frites (La Louvière, Belgium)

Rue du Canal 22, 7170 La Louvière, Belgium

Cook ’n Frites is quite a big friterie that is located a bit outside of the center of town. It has a decent sized inside and a large patio, which is bumping on this pleasant Saturday evening. They have a broad range of snacks but are know for their award-winning, handmade fries.

T. gets a Big Fries, which is enormous, and I get a "Small", a Vuurvreter (literally: Fire Eater) with Samourai sauce, and a (real) Hamburger with Brazil sauce. The fries are very thick and prepared as only Belgians can: fully cooked but soft inside and crispy outside. Delicious! The burger is real beef and prepared on the griddle. It comes on a big burger bun but unfortunately with no fixings. It still tastes good. The Vuurvreter and sauces are standard but good.

VERDICT: 94/100
One of the best friteries I have ever eaten at.

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