Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sweetwater Bar & Grill (Lake Wylie, SC)

4582 Charlotte Hwy, Lake Wylie, SC 29710, T: 803-831-1788


Sweetwater Bar & Grill is a sports bar in a weird spot on the outskirts of the small town of Lake Wylie, South Carolina. It is quite large and has the classic sports bar food staples, but with a huge selection of flavors for the chicken wings and tenders. We stay for a while, as we are one hour early for a World Cup game we want to watch.

We start with the Appetizer Special ($10.99): 4 Wings (Smokin' Hot), 4 Buffalo Bites (Sweet Chili Thai), and 1 Quesadilla. The wings are quite meaty, well prepared, though comes with little sauce, which is not too hot, but has a nice after-zing. The buffalo bites are chunky small chicken tenders. The quesadilla is "surprisingly yummy for such a small thing" and "well-packed with cheese" (according to my wife).

We follow it up with more Buffalo Bites ($8.99): 5 Honey Habanero and 5 General Tso. Both are chunky, thick battered, and tasty, but not very spicy. I later get the Three Alarm Burger ($7.99): a half-pound burger, blackened, with chili, hot sauce, jalapeños, lettuce and tomato (I ask for no pepper Jack cheese). I have them with Buffalo Chips. The burger is pretty stacked, a bit dry (not medium as asked), but has a good kick – it has a bit of an odd taste to it, as if there is cheese in it. The chips are Burger King like, crunchy but not that flavorful. M. gets the French Dip ($8.49) with French fries. The sandwich didn't look that good, but was actually very tasty, in part because of the good au jus. The fries are BK-style.

Verdict: 84/100
Nice sports bar with good food and broad selection of beers.


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