Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Over Easy Cafe (Asheville, NC)

32 Broadway, Asheville, NC 28801, T: 828-236-3533

The Over Easy Café is one of the most popular breakfast/brunch/lunch spots in downtown Asheville and almost as famous for its lines as for its food. It’s only open between 8 and 2 (Sunday 9-2) and has relatively limited space. This, in combination with its reputation, means that you will almost certainly have a wait for 15 minutes or (much) more. We have to wait for about 25 minutes as we arrive just before noon on a summer Monday. The food is, of course, all local and organic.

Fighting the urge to go for the Traditional Breakfast, i.e. fried eggs, toast, etc., I decide to be adventurous and order the famous Breakfast Tacos with chorizo ($10.50): scrambled eggs, onion, salsa, fresh cilantro, on two corn tortillas. Quite tasty. M. has a Hash Bowl with poached eggs and all kind of fresh and tasty stuff. We also get one of the fresh juices ($6.50), the Detox, which combines citrus fruits with beets and ginger. It tastes very fresh and very gingery.

VERDICT: 87/100
All in all Over Easy Café is a great place for breakfast for foodies rather than for pig out enthusiasts. Although I might come back for the French Toast, which looked delicious.

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