Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Huck's Cafe (Commerce, GA)

605 Homer Rd, Commerce, GA, T: 706-335-6346


You want to step back in time and have good old American fast food in a non-corporate setting? Go to Huck’s Café in Commerce, where time truly stood still. They mostly serve burgers, hot dogs, and bbq, but have all kind of other items too. The service is fast and friendly and the food is old-school and very affordable.

I order a "Huck Burger" ($3.50), which is actually a plain burger to which you can add all kind of toppings. I choose to add BBQ sauce and tomato. The burger is a bit dry and the bbq sauce has little taste, which makes the burger fairly similar to what you would get at a basic grill party at friends. The Stew Dog ($2) is a (friend?) hot dog with Brunswick stew on the side – I add some onions to it. It is pretty decent, but the stew is a bit too sweet for me. The best part of the meal the half order of Fried Chips ($1.25), which are directly out of the frier, crispy and perfectly salty!

VERDICT: 75/100
Honest old-school fast food as it was done (I assume) in the 1960s.

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