Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fatz Cafe (Athens, GA)

4115 Lexington Rd, Athens, GA 30605, T: 706-425-8780

Fatz is a regional chain with some 50 locations in the Southeast, combining regular American staples with more traditional Southern fare. They have a large menu including burgers, seafood, and chicken & pasta. On this late Saturday evening the clientele is very old and very white.

The little rolls that they start you off with are fresh and greasy. Oddly enough they taste more like zeppole than like bread. I order a combination sample ($11.99) of baby back ribs, chicken tenders and onion rings, which here are called: calabash, ribitizers and onyum straws (what?!). I choose to have the ribs grilled rather than fried. They are still quite fatty, but fall of the bone and have a decent BBQ sauce on them. The tenders are small but pretty good. The onion strings are mostly batter.

VERDICT: 83/100

Very decent experience and the little rolls will bring me back, even though it will take weeks to get all the grease of my hands.

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