Monday, August 10, 2009

The Sandwich-Man (Harrisburg, PA)

111 N 2nd St Frnt, Harrisburg, PA, T: 717-236-7171

The Sandwich-Man is a sandwich shop in downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which mainly seems to function as an excuse to drink booze. They have a broad selection of beers in the fridge, which you can only consume in the shop if you also buy a sandwich. As I enter, there is a short line of students and alcoholics, which moves very slowly.

I have a Reuben on Rye ($5.25) and a Hamburger ($3.25). It takes more then 10 minutes for them to prepare my sandwiches, and the Reuben first comes with cheese (although I had asked for one without cheese). The burger is drenched in mayo, but tastes quite good: like a good backyard-bbq burger. The Reuben sandwich is also very tasty and is covered with smooth corned beef.

VERDICT: 80/100
The Sandwich-Man offers good sandwiches, a remarkable choice of beers, and a very colorful mixed crowd.

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