Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hog Heaven (New Philadelphia, OH)

1290 West High Avenue, New Philadelphia, Ohio 4463, T: 330-308-8040
(there are 2 more restaurants, in Dover and Canton, both in Ohio)

Hog Heaven is an open flame bbq restaurant with three branches in Ohio. It caters (very successfully) to bikers; when I am there, on a warm Sunday afternoon, at least half of the roughly 50 people in the New Philadelphia restaurant are (40+ white) bikers.

As a starter, I order the "hog balls" ($4.99), pork meatballs in BBQ sauce, and a pulled pork sandwich with a side of coleslaw ($8.99). The balls are firm and have some spices in it, but the BBQ sauce is too sweet (almost like the Chinese sweet & sour sauce). Similarly, the pork is tender and the kaiser bun freshly toasted, but the sauce is too sweet for me. The slaw is fresh and creamy.

VERDICT: 86/100
Hog Heaven provides really good BBQ, but unfortunately only one, way too sweet, sauce. If they add at least one spicy BBQ sauce, I'll certainly come back.

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