Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Frisch's Big Boy (Springfield, OH)

2201 E Main Street, Springfield, Ohio 45503, T: 937-325-5571
(there are various other restaurants in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky)

On my way to another pig out spot, I pass Frisch's Big Boy in Springfield, Ohio, and, intrigued, decide to eat there. It looks like an old-school diner with drive-thru, but is actually quite new. While the original Frisch's Big Boy started in Kentucky in 1946, it has more recently started various new restaurants, mostly in the Cincinnatti region. While it looks like an old-school diner, it seems to atract a lot of its clients because of its big salad bar (which actually looked very fresh).

Everything inside screams "chain" and "unauthentic" (except for the white trash clientele). As the "Super Big Boy" looks like the spitting image of a Big mac (TM ;-), I go for a pork tenderloin sandwich platter with two sides (I choose fries and onion rings) for $8.13. The onion rings taste like carton, while the fries are prefab and lukewarm. The tenderloin sandwich tastes mainly salty. Even the side of Frisch's tartar sauce, which they sell in their restaurants and in grocery stores, is heavily disappointing: fat and salty.

VERDICT: 25/100
This must have been some of the worst 'fast food' I ever ate. Maybe the salad bar is worth the visit, but the greasy dishes clearly are not. Stay away fast foodies!


  1. What?! Frisch's started in Cincinnati. Samuel Frish opened the Frisch Cafe in 1905. Then his son was impressed by the Big Boy franchise and in 1948, opened the first Frisch's Big Boy in downtown Cincinnati. In 49, they opened the first Frisch's in Kentucky.

  2. Not to mention, the Big Mac was designed specifically to compete with the Frisch's Big Boy sandwich (Frisch's used a signature tartar sauce instead of thousand island dressing like the other Big Boys). I'm not even a Frisch's fan, but I like getting the history right.

  3. Big Boy is Big Boy period. When you go there you know what you are getting. Critic like this are a joke. And to correct a little history here, the Big Boy came along long before the Big Mac in the 1960's. Also, when it comes to double hamburger the Big Boy is the best. The Big Mac does not even compare. This Critic needs a new job or at least needs to good from bad.

  4. Go back to your tofu.

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