Monday, August 10, 2009

Primanti Bros (Pittsburgh, PA)

46 18th Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, T: 412-263-2142
(there are 16 other restaurants, mostly in the Pittsburgh area but also 2 in Florida)

Primanti Bros is an institution in Pittsburgh; and, at least since Man vs Food, in the whole USA. It is famous for its huge sandwiches, which all come with cheese, coleslaw, and fries in them. I went to the original restaurant, in Pitssburgh's famous Strip, and was served by the one and only "Toni", who was much nicer than on tv (despite the madly shouting owner; or pretending boss).

I have a pastrami sandwich ($6.29), which looks BIG, but actually is much less heavy and filling than it looks. The main reason is that two-thirds of the sandwhich is bread... very fresh and airy white bread. The amount of meat is actually quite disappointing. I'm also not impressed by the taste of the allegedly famous fries. Overall, the sandwich tastes ok. I mostly enjoy the (Pittsburgh-style , i.e. no mayo) coleslaw.

VERDICT: 76/100
Primanti Bros doesn't necessarily provide anything particularly tasty, it just stuffs everything together in one sandwich. While it is an experience, at least the original store is, it is a bit confusing to me why this is so.

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