Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Essie's Original Hot Dog Shop (Pittsburgh, PA)

3901 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, T: 412-621-1185

Essie's Original Hot Dog Shop, better known as The Original Hot Dog Shop, The O, and The Dirty O, is a true greasy pig out spot in the University of Pittsburgh area of the city. The shop actually counts three counters: one for pizza and booze, one for burgers and fries, and one for hot dogs and fries. On a Saturday evening, as I visit, it is busy with a colorful and diverse crowd.

I order an original hot dog with mustard and relish and small "O" fries, which makes it a combo with drinks for just $6.70. The hot dog is very tasty. Unlike the regular American sausages, which are fairly soft, this sausage is very crispy (like German sausages). The fries are thick and potato-ie, but get soggie fast. Still, they are tasty and addictive.

VERDICT: 86/100
Essie's Original Hot Dog Shop is a real inner city grease spot with good tasty food. Great for a night out at whatever hour!

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