Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boogie Burger (Indianapolis, IN)

977 East Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220, T: 317-225-2450

Tucked away in the hip Broad Ripple district of Indy, this small shack provides honest and original burgers for students and hipsters alike. While the inside is small, there is a terrace for the warmer days and nights. Boogie Burger might opened fairly recently, but seem to have big plans (given the "franchise info" button on their website - which, incidentally, only says "coming soon").

A bit overwhelmed by their choice, I go for something familiar, the Wild Wild West Burger ($6.50), which turns out to be their most popular. It comes with hickory smoked bacon, onion ring, bbq sauce and cheddar cheese (in addition to the regulars: lettuce, red onion, tomato). I also have a side of regular fries ($1.95), which come in only one size, but five varieties (incl. garlic and chili cheese). The burger is BIG and delicious, mostly because of the thick and juicy 1/3 pound patty and the juicy onion ring. The portion of fries is HUGE, enough for two hungry souls. They are thick and perfectly crispy.

VERDICT: 90/100
Boogie Burger is a very welcome addition to the fast food sector and one can only hope that their franchise system takes off. However, if you come, make sure to be very hungry or in a group, otheriwse you will be forced to throw out a lot of delicious fast food!


  1. Yummi, yummi, this burger looks good ! Approaches the "Big Geurt" :)

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