Sunday, June 4, 2017

Vigårda (Stockholm, Sweden)

Vasagatan 14, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden

Vigårda is a chain of hipster burger restaurants in Sweden. I go to the one opposite to Central Station, which has a live dj (at 7 PM) who plays the usual generic house music you hear in hip Scandinavian places. Vigårda serves some 10 types of burgers, including fish and vegan, as well as various sides, such as sweet potato fries.

I get the Bistro (SEK 95 or $11), which comes with bacon, caramelized onions, green tomato, and truffle aioli (I ask for no cheddar). It looks pretty good, but tastes mostly very salty with a bit distinct aftertaste. The fries are pretty decent at first, but several at the bottom are undercooked.

VERDICT: 80/100

Not bad, in terms of price and quality, but you should be able to do (much) better, also in Stockholm.

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