Friday, June 16, 2017

Thanasis (Athens, Greece)

Mitropoleos 69, Athens 105 55, Greece

Thanasis is a sprawling restaurant, which seems to take over more and more of its competitors nearby, in the highly touristic Plaka area of Athens. In all ways a classic tourist trap, except that it is not. It is really just a very large snackbar, serving mostly grilled meats, fries, and salads.

I get the famous Thanasis Kabobs, which are four serious kabobs that come on pita bread and with onion and (grilled) tomato (8.80) – I also had a tomato salad, but healthy food is not reviewed here. The kabobs are heavenly! They are so juicy and full of flavor, soaking into the pita, and not even requiring tzatziki. Among the best kabobs I have ever had! A few days later I went back and it was again excellent; even my friend from Thessaloniki, known for their superior food in Greece, complimented the quality.

VERDICT: 96/100
Go on, go to Thanasis and get their kabobs. It’s pricey, for Athens, but it’s worth it. Take my word for it!

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