Sunday, June 4, 2017

Le Sommelier (Kastrup, Denmark)

Lufthavnsboulevarden 6, Terminal 2, Kalstrup, Denmark

Le Sommelier is a Michelin-rated restaurant in downtown Copenhagen, which also has a restaurant inside CPH airport. It serves salads and fish dishes as well as burgers and steaks. Given that Copenhagen is already expensive, this is even worse.

I get the Hamburger (DKK 175 or $26) and a large Coke (DKK 50 or $7.50). They asked me how I want my burger and, low and behold, it actually comes medium! The burger is big, both the bun and the grilled (!) patty, and has ketchup, mustard and some relish on it. While the bun and relish are too overpowering, it is pretty good. The fries are thin and crispy.

VERDICT: 85/100

Overall a remarkably good burger and very decent fries. Not really worth the excessive money, obviously.

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