Friday, June 16, 2017

Souvlaki LEIVADIA (Athens, Greece)

2-4 Kaniggos str., Kaniggos sqr, Athens, Greece

Souvlaki LEIVADIA bills itself as a “traditional grill”, which seems quite appropriate. The big and bare restaurant sells really only souvlaki, i.e. pork skewers, which are freshly made and prepared on a long grill. The meat comes with bread, fries, or salad.

I get the special: three pork skewers with fries and a soda (5) as well as side of tzatzkiki (2.50). The souvlaki is prepared very well and is not too dry. It has some nice seasoning and tastes well with the thick, yoghurty tzatziki and fresh bread. The fries are prefab and bit undercooked, as is usual in Med countries.

VERDICT: 86/100
Very good souvlaki, mediocre fries.

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