Friday, June 16, 2017

Smile Family Restaurant (Athens, Greece)

Mitropoleos 38, Athens 105 57, Greece

Smile bills itself as a “Greek restaurant and gyros house” and comes with crazy good TripAdvisor rating – with which it also advertises. This is the only reason why I decide to try this place, which in all ways looks like a tourist trap. Smile is a very open and modern looking restaurant, which serves classic Greek dishes, including gyros, moussaka, souvlaki, etc.

I get one pork (€4) and one chicken gyros (€3.50), which are both cut freshly from the skewer. They come in typical thick Greek pita bread with onions, tomato, tzatziki and fries. In both cases the bit mushy, fatty bread is too overpowering. The chicken meat is ok, the pork not that impressive and too dry and fat.

VERDICT: 76/100
It’s beyond me how this place gets such good ratings. Maybe their gyros is just poor and the rest is good? Mediocre at best.

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