Monday, June 16, 2014

Little Bull Bar & Grill (Athens, GA) -- CLOSED!

259 E. Broad Street, Athens, GA, 30601, T: 706-552-1423

Running a restaurant on Broad Street, opposite to the University of Georgia, is not easy. The rents must be very high, as restaurants go bust pretty fast there. I was therefore quite skeptical about a Puerto Rican restaurant on that location, also because we have the delicious Cali N Tito not that far from campus. So, I made sure that I went there in the first weeks after it opened, anticipating a quick closure (which, in the end, took at least half a year).

I came for lunch and was the only customer in the long relatively narrow restaurant. The waiter was enthusiastic, but not too knowledgeable about Puerto Rican food. They mostly served sandwiches, but instead of bread they used mofongos (mashed fried plantain with garlic). I had one with skirt steak: the mofongos were dry and tasteless, while the skirt steak was very chewy.

VERDICT: 58/100
No wonder they closed so quickly.

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